Indiana University Bloomington

Foster International Living-Learning Center
"Foster International offered an entirely different experience than that of another dorm..."
- Esha
From Top: IU Football game, Nashville street scene, Mask made by visiting artist Mbala

Prospective Students

All FIN residents should have an interest in interacting with students from other cultures and backgrounds. Students pay a $100 activity fee each semester. These funds help support community events, recreational and social activities, in and out-of-state overnight trips, visits of international artists and scholars, and other unique opportunities for residents. There are no formal GPA or language requirements for acceptance into the community. However, all incoming students must successfully complete FLLC Q100, a 1-credit, 7-week community development course taught by Peer Instructors.

All new FIN residents take Q100 during the fall semester. (Students entering the community in the spring take the course in the spring semester). Students sign up for sections of the course during the first week classes. Q100 class offers a unique opportunity for residents to get to know each other and to discuss important cultural and global issues. Each student will help shape the course by suggesting local and international topics of personal interest as they strive to become an informed global citizen. In addition, each student will draft, design, and share a digital E-Portfolio Poster featuring information about your cultural background(s), personal interests, and academic aspirations.